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Obtaining an Address

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Obtaining a new address begins when you apply for a building permit.  Your building permit must first be approved by the Department of Community Development, the Augusta County Service Authority, and the Building Inspection Office.  Following the final approval of the building permit, the new address request is forwarded to the Geographic Information Systems Department to assign an address.  Depending on your location, a combination of field and office procedures are required for your address assignment.


If your property is located within an approved subdivision, then the building permit application goes directly to the Geographic Information Systems Department.  Staff will process and assign the address to the request.  Your new address will be available when you receive your building permit.


In order for an address to be assigned, there needs to be a driveway and footers for the house.  If your construction project does not include a driveway in the initial portion of the construction, your address will be delayed until it is put in.  County Staff will determine your address by visiting the new construction when the footers are inspected and identifying the precise location of your driveway and house with a Global Positioning System Unit (GPS).


Address assignments are based on a method developed by Augusta County to provide consistent addressing so emergency service vehicles can quickly find your house.  To provide consistent addressing, your street must have a name if there are three or more houses on the street.  If you are the third house, contact the Department of Community Development to get an approved street name.  Obtaining an approved street name can take 3 weeks.

Addresses are only assigned to existing structures and structures under construction.  For new construction, the address procedure begins with applying for a building permit.  Building Permits must be approved by the Building Inspection Office, the Augusta County Service Authority, and the Department of Community Development.  Any problems with meeting these departments requirements can delay the addressing process.