Sample Farm Lease - Real Simple

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FARM NAME ____________________

Location / Description _________________________________________________________


Landowner Name & Contact Information ___________________________________________


Farmer Name & Contact Information ______________________________________________



I ____________________ agree to pay the sum of $__________ (annually / quarterly / monthly) for the exclusive right to conduct all reasonable farming activities on the farmland listed at the top of this form. This lease shall have a term of ____ year(s) beginning ____________________ and ending ____________________.

In addition to the sum paid, I agree to:

1) Mow or otherwise harvest all vegetation on the farm at least ____ times per year, the first mowing or harvesting occurring by ____________________ except for fields that are under cultivation. This includes vegetation immediately around all buildings.
2) To provide or pay for all labor necessary to maintain existing perimeter fences while the landowner provides all materials for said perimeter fences.
3) To pay for or otherwise complete all repairs to buildings that are damaged as a result of my actions. This does not include normal wear and tear on buildings or damage due to natural events such as storms.
4) Hunting and Fishing rights __________ (are / are not) conveyed to the tenant with this lease).


____________________                                                                            ____________________

Farmer / Tenant                                                                                              Landowner