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Historical Facts

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Circuit Court Clerk Term Dates
John Madison 1745-1778
Richard Madison 1778-1785
Alexander McClanahan 1785-1792
Jacob Kinney 1792-1800
Chesley Kinney 1800-1812
Erasmus Stribling 1812-1830
Jefferson Kinney 1831-1858
John D. Imbowden 1858-1864
William A. Burnett 1864-1869
Samuel Cline 1869-1870
William A. Burnett 1870-1899
Harry Burnette 1900-1948
James Marcus Blackburn 1948-1956
Rudolph L. Shaver 1957-1984
John B. Davis 1984-2015
Carol M. Brydge; Service to Office 1989-2019 2015-2019



The predominant record types stored at the Augusta County courthouse include deeds, law cases, criminal cases, land records, wills, and estate inventories that date back to the mid-1700’s. The Augusta County court records are the most voluminous and are one of the longest and most complete continuous collections of court records of any locality in the Commonwealth. They document an unusually large geographic area. For the period 1745 to 1770, the boundaries of Augusta County encompassed most of western Virginia and what became the states of West Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, and Ohio, and parts of present-day Pennsylvania as far north as Pittsburgh. Between 1789 and 1808, Augusta County was the seat of a district court that heard lawsuits that originated in neighboring localities. They remain in the Augusta County courthouse to this day. Taken in totality, the records stored in the Augusta County courthouse are invaluable. They do not just document Augusta County history, but Virginia and the United States history as well.