Historical Facts

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I am serving as your sixteenth  Clerk in the history of the Augusta County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office.   I am honored to join the following list of prior Clerks who served the citizens of Augusta County since 1745:


 Circuit Court Clerk  Term Dates
 John Madison  1745-1778
 Richard Madison 1778-1785 
 Alexander McClanahan  1785-1792
 Jacob Kinney  1792-1800
 Chesley Kinney  1800-1812
 Erasmus Stribling  1812-1830
 Jefferson Kinney  1831-1858
 John D. Imbowden  1858-1864
 William A. Burnett  1864-1869
 Samuel Cline  1869-1870
 William A. Burnett  1870-1899
 Harry Burnette  1900-1948
 James Marcus Blackburn  1948-1956
 Rudolph L. Shaver  1957-1984
 John B. Davis  1984-1/1/2015
 Carol M. Brydge  1/2/2015-Present