Due Dates

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Business License     March 1st
Tax Relief for the Elderly or Disabled April 1st
Federal Individual Income Tax Return Deadline April 15th
Virginia Individual Income Tax Return Deadline      May 1st
Personal Property Filing Deadline    May 1st
Real Estate Tax Payment - 1st Half June 5th
Personal Property Tax Payment    December 5th
Real Estate Tax Payment - 2nd Half December 5th
State Estimated Income Taxes - Voucher 1  May 1st
State Estimated Income Taxes - Voucher 2 June 15th
State Estimated Income Taxes - Voucher 3     September 15th
State Estimated Income Taxes - Voucher 4 January 15th
Last Day to Enroll New Parcels in Land Use November 1st
Last Day to Revalidate Land Use (w/o late penalty) December 5th
Last Day to Revalidate Land Use (w/ 10% late penalty) December 31st