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Lodging Tax

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Governor Northam and the Augusta County Board of Supervisors have declared a State of Emergency related to the COVID-19 virus.  Public access to the Government Center has been restricted to essential business.   

Lodging Tax returns and payments are due the 20th of each month.   Please use one of the return methods listed below.

  1. Return by mail.  Commissioner of the Revenue, P.O. Box 959, Verona, VA  24482
  2. Drop box located in front of the Building close to the drive through window
  3. Drop off at the drive through window.  

Every lodging establishment in Augusta County receiving compensation shall impose a 4% tax on the total amount paid for room rental.

The Commissioner will provide the necessary forms which are due on or before the 20th of the following month.

Hotel shall mean any public or private hotel, inn, hostelry, tourist home or house, motel, rooming house, or other lodging place within Augusta County offering lodging for four (4) or more persons at any one time, and the owner and operator thereof, who for compensation, furnishes lodging to any transients as hereinafter defined.

Room rental shall mean the total charge made by any such hotel for lodging or space furnished any such transient. If the charge made by such hotel to such transient includes any charge for services or accommodations in addition to that of lodging or the use of space, then such portion of the total charge as represents only room or space rental shall be distinctly set out and billed to such transient by such hotel as a separate item.

Transient shall mean any person who, for any period of not more than thirty (30) consecutive days, either at his own expense or at the expense of another, obtains lodging or the use of any space in any hotel as hereinabove defined, for which lodging or use of space a charge is made.

If you have misplaced the Lodging Tax Form please print it, fill it out, once complete, please mail to PO Box 959 Verona, VA  24482 or hand deliver to our office.

For further information, call 540-245-5640