Personal Property

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What is Taxed?
Automobiles, trucks, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, trailers, boats, airplanes, mobile homes, business furniture, fixtures, equipment, and machinery and tools used in a manufacturing process.

Who is Taxed?
Anyone who is a resident of Augusta County or anyone with personal property located in Augusta County on January 1 of the tax year should file and pay personal property tax for the entire year.

How is it assessed?
The Commissioner of the Revenue is required by law to assess vehicles by means of a recognized pricing guide. The pricing guide utilized by Augusta County is the National Automobile Dealers Association pricing guide.

DMV Records
Keep all information including name, address, garage jurisdiction, vehicle purchases, and disposals current at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

If I sell my vehicle or purchase a new one, whom shall I contact?

If I sell my mobile home, whom shall I contact?
When selling your manufactured/mobile home we encourage you to assist the buyer in going to a DMV office and making sure the mobile home is retitled to the new owner. We use this DMV title information to relieve you of tax liability as of the date of sale.

If I have just moved into Augusta County, whom shall I contact?
DMV to update their records so the information is correct there

Important Dates
May 1-all personal property returns are due to be filed to avoid a late filing penalty.

For further information, call 540-245-5640.