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Check List For Plans

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When application for a building permit is made, the following must be submitted:

  •  A site plan showing the distance from construction to all property lines.
  • Two sets of specifications and plans drawn to scale, with sufficient clarity and detailed dimensions to show the nature and character of the work to be performed.

Basement or Foundation Plan

  • This plan shall show all necessary dimensions of basement or foundation layout. 
  • Indicate wall thickness and locations. 
  • Indicate footings and foundation drainage. 
  • Show size and spacing of piers.
  • Indicate size and materials of any beams or girder used. 
  • Indicate joist directions, size, and spacing.
  • Show all window or vent sizes and locations. 
  • Show all door sizes and locations. 
  • Show foundation and framing for exterior deck or porches above.

Floor Plans

  • This plan shall show all necessary dimensions for laying out rooms and hall. 
  • Show all window and door sizes and locations. 
  • Indicate size and material of any structural beams. 
  • Indicate size of headers. 
  • Indicate joist or truss directions, size, and spacing. 
  • Show fireplaces. 
  • Show steps and indicate number, rise and tread size, handrails and guardrails. 
  • Locate smoke detector or detectors. 
  • All rooms shall be labeled as to their specific use. 
  • Show bathroom and kitchen layout.

Wall Sections

  • A wall section is required for each particular type of construction shown. 
  • Size of footing and depth below grade. 
  • Size of foundation wall. 
  • Anchor bolt size and spacing. 
  • Framing member sizes and material. 
  • Sub-floor and finished floor size and material.
  • All exterior coverings, sizes and materials. 
  • Slope of roof. 
  • Insulation resistance factors. 
  • Stair detail, headspace, risers and treads on steps.


Exterior elevations:

  • Front, rear, left, and right.
  • Show window and door locations.
  • Indicate slope of roof. 
  • Show steps and landings and height of hand and guardrails. 
  • Show finished floor elevations and ground elevation. 
  • Show chimneys, roof vents, etc.

Additional engineering details may be required upon request.
All Commercial work requires detailed plumbing, electrical, and mechanical plans.
All ADA specifications to be shown on commercial plans.

Note: If plan requirements are not complied, it will result in a delay in the processing of your permit.