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Stormwater Management

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A Construction General Permit (CGP) must be obtained if 1 acre or more of land is to be disturbed. Application for this permit must be submitted during plan review and before any other permits will be issued.

In order to obtain the CGP, the following information must be submitted:

Plan Review
Once the plans have been submitted, engineering will conduct a review to ensure that all items on the checklist have been addressed adequately. Engineering will not only review the plans for stormwater management, but for erosion and sediment control measures as well.

Review Period
By law, final action on the Erosion and Sediment Control Plan shall be taken within 45 days of receipt of a complete plan. However, normal review time is about two weeks.

Fees and Bonds
Before the Land Disturbing Permit can be issued, all plan review fees must be paid and a performance bond must be posted. The fee schedule for the Construction General Permit is:

  • Small Construction Activity (less than 1 acre, part of a common plan of development) - $600
  • Small Construction Activity (greater than or equal to 1, but less than 5 acres) - $2,700
  • Large Construction Activity (greater than or equal to 5, but less than 10 acres) - $3,400
  • Large Construction Activity (greater than or equal to 10, but less than 50 acres) - $4,500
  • Large Construction Activity (greater than or equal to 50, but less than 100 acres) - $6,100
  • Large Construction Activity (100 acres or larger) - $9,600

The performance bond is a monetary bond in favor of the County to ensure compliance with the Erosion and Sediment Control Ordinance. The bond may be submitted in the form of a Letter of Credit, Performance Bond, or Cashier’s Check. The bonding amount is equal to the installation and maintenance costs of all required erosion and sediment control measures. The bond and fees will be calculated when the plans are approved.

Once the Land Disturbing Permit has been issued, routine inspections will be conducted to ensure the site is in compliance with the approved plans as well as the County ordinance. The property owner and/or contractor will be notified in writing of the results of each inspections.

Final Closeout of the Project
Upon completion of the project the bond will be released. Please keep in mind that all structural improvements must be made and the site must be stabilized with a permanent stand of vegetation in accordance with the approved plan before the bond can be fully released.