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Environmental Management System

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What Is An EMS?


An EMS is an Environmental Management System, which is a management tool that establishes procedures and processes in order to prevent pollution and protect the environment. The system provides order and consistency by allocating resources, assigning responsibilities, and continually evaluating practices, procedures, and processes.

An EMS consists of ISO 14001 Standards and DEQ Virginia Environmental Excellence Program requirements. These elements are:

• Environmental policy• Aspects• Aspect Management containing • Resources, roles, responsibility, and authority  • Emergency preparedness and response  • Evaluation of compliance  • Management review   • Legal and other requirements  • Competence, training, and awareness  • Communication  • Documentation  • Control of documents and records   • Internal audits


                                                HISTORY OF THE PROGRAM

In February 2002, the Augusta County Government Center, the Augusta County Service Authority, and Augusta County Public Schools came together to begin the process of developing an Environmental Management System (EMS). Each entity designated a team member to create and maintain the EMS program.

Upon training to develop environmental programs to ISO 14001 and DEQ Standards, the team developed and implemented its first program for the Vehicle Service Centers, which included the ACSA Shop and the Augusta County Public Schools Bus Garage. These facilities were the first to receive DEQ E3 certification for any county government in the state. Since this time, environmental programs have been developed and implemented. These facilities are listed on the back of this brochure.

E3 certification is a designation given to facilities meeting requirements under Virginia Environmental Excellence Program.

By obtaining E3 designation, Augusta County will become a leader in the prevention of pollution and good stewardship toward the environment. Although not assured, by receiving Edesignation, it will help prevent violations from occurring.

For more information, visit the web:

DEQ's Environmental Excellence Program