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Frequently Asked Questions

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How Many People Live In Augusta County?
How Big Is Augusta County?
How Do I Find Augusta County’s Ordinances?
How Do I Rezone My Property?
What Is A Minor Subdivision?
What Is A Major Subdivision?
Can I Subdivide My Agricultural Property?
My Property Is Zoned Residential – Can I Subdivide It?
Does Augusta County Regulate The Storage Of Unlicensed Vehicles?
Does My Storage Building Need To Be Set Back From My Property Line?
Does The County Limit How Many Dogs And Cats I Can Have?
Do I Have To Keep My Yard Mowed?
How Many Yard Sales Can I Have?
How Can I File A Complaint?
What Is A Land Disturbing Activity?
What Types Of Projects Are Exempt From Erosion And Sediment Control Regulations?
How Do I Get My Street Named And A Street Sign Installed?
If My Street Sign Is Missing Or Damaged, Who Do I Contact To Get It Replaced?

How many people live in Augusta County?
According to the 2015 Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service Population Estimates, Augusta County has a population of 74,881.
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How big is Augusta County?
Augusta County is the second largest County in Virginia in terms of land area. There are 970 square miles of land in the County, which translates to approximately 623,000 acres. Approximately 220,000 acres are owned by the federal or state government, leaving approximately 403,000 acres in the hands of private owners.
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How do I find Augusta County’s ordinances?
The complete Augusta County Code can be found here. Most regulations regarding individual property can be found in the Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances.
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How do I rezone my property?
Every parcel in the County has a zoning designation. Each zoning designation includes a set of permitted and prohibited uses. If the use you desire for your property is not permitted in your current zoning, you can request that the zoning be changed in a process called rezoning. Anyone contemplating rezoning a piece of property in Augusta County should first contact the Community Development Department and request a potential rezoning report be prepared on the property. For more information, visit our rezoning page.
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What is a minor subdivision?
A minor subdivision is a division of a piece of property in which one parcel of land is made into two parcels.  This type of subdivision is mainly performed in the General Agriculture zoning district.  More information on the minor subdivision process can be found here.
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What is a major subdivision?
A major subdivision is any subdivision that does not qualify as a minor subdivision and typically involves 3 or more lots, extension of public water and sewer service, or public roads. More information on the major subdivision process can be found here
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Can I subdivide my agricultural property?
If you own land that is zoned agriculture that is at least 2 acres in size and if your lot has been in existence for at least 5 full years there is a possibility your property can be subdivided. Please contact the Community Development Department and we will be glad to assist you further with any questions you have about subdividing.
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My property is zoned residential – can I subdivide it?
If your property is zoned residential and you have frontage on a public street, your property may qualify to be subdivided. If your property is not a part of a valid preliminary plat your property may qualify for subdividing.  Please contact the Community Development Department with any questions. 
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Does Augusta County regulate the storage of unlicensed vehicles?
In Augusta County all unlicensed or inoperable vehicles must be kept inside a building or screened from public view. The Zoning Ordinance restricts the number of personally-owned inoperable vehicles a person may keep. Only one vehicle per acre or fraction thereof shall be permitted, and in no case shall more than five vehicles be permitted. All inoperable vehicles must be fully shielded or screened from view in compliance with §25-54.1.C of the Augusta County Zoning Ordinance.  In residentially zoned areas, inoperable vehicles must be kept within a fully enclosed building.
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Does my storage building need to be set back from my property line?
All structures including dwellings, carports, swimming pools, gazebos, and storage buildings must meet the required setbacks from streets, rights of way, and property lines and most require a building permit. The setback is measured from the VDOT right of way line, not the edge of the pavement or centerline of the street. You must contact VDOT for the location of their right of way.  Anyone contemplating construction or installation of one of these structures is encouraged to contact the Community Development Department to find out the required setbacks.
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Does the County limit how many dogs and cats I can have?
The keeping of more than four dogs over the age of six months shall in every case require a Special Use Permit when allowed by district regulations. The keeping of more than four dogs is prohibited in Residential zoned districts. The keeping of up to seven cats over the age of six months is permitted if the single family dwelling is located in a Single Residential Dwelling District (except a Rural Residential District), Multiple Residential Dwelling District, Business District, Industrial District, or Mixed Use District. There is no limitation for cats on Agricultural properties.
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Do I have to keep my yard mowed?
In most cases, the owners of property in the County are required to cut the grass and other foreign growth on such property at all times. Specific regulations for each zoning district may be found in Chapter 15, Nuisances in §15-22 (Removal of Grass, Weeds and Foreign Growth) of the Augusta County Code. 
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How many yard sales can I have?
Residents of the County are permitted to have two yard sales per calendar year. Signs may not be placed on street signs, utility poles, VDOT signs, or in the VDOT right of way. If you put out signs to advertise your yard sale please remove the signs from the owner’s property as soon as your sale is over.
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How can I file a complaint?
Zoning complaints are handled by the Community Development Department. You can call (540) 245-5700 to lodge a complaint. Community Development will send an inspector to verify the violation before a letter is sent to the property owner. It is department policy that you give your name and phone number in case we have trouble locating the property. Your information will be kept confidential, per state law, and will not be released.
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What is a land disturbing activity?
The Virginia Erosion and Sediment Control Law defines a land-disturbing activity as any land change which may result in soil erosion from water or wind and the movement of sediments into state waters or onto lands in Virginia, including, but not limited to, clearing, grading, excavating, transporting, and filling of land.
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What types of projects are exempt from erosion and sediment control regulations?
Minor land disturbing activities such as the placement or maintenance of home gardens, fences, and sign posts, individual home landscaping, and individual utility service work are exempt from the erosion and sediment control regulations. More significant activities may require a land disturbing permit. Please contact Community Development at (540)245-5700 for more specific information. Additional information on erosion and sediment control regulations and procedures can be found here.
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How do I get my street named and a street sign installed?
All public streets in Augusta County have names and should have signs posted. If you have a private street that is the primary access point for three or more addressable structures, the County will provide a name for the private street and install and maintain a street sign. If you meet these requirements and do not have a street sign, contact the Augusta County Help Desk at (540) 245-5400.
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If my street sign is missing or damaged, who do I contact to get it replaced?
The Augusta County Maintenance Department or VDOT (VA Dept of Transportation) are responsible for the installation and repair of signs throughout the County.  Most street name signs are County signs.  For maintenance of these, call (540) 245-5632. For Route number, traffic control signs or large street name signs, contact the VDOT Highway Help Line at (800) 367-7623 or the Harrisonburg Residency at (540) 434-2586.  It is helpful if you can note the route number and the location of the sign to the closest intersection. 
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