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Site Plans

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Site plans are development plans for the improvements on a piece of property. Developers of new projects are encouraged to meet with County staff prior to starting on their site plans.

Site Plan Review:
Site plan review is required prior to the issuance of building permits, occupancy permits, zoning permits or zoning certificate approval in the following cases:

  • Any development or use in any Multiple Residential, any Business, any Industrial, any Mixed Use or any Public Use Overlay zoning district
  • All cemeteries, with the exception of cemeteries for family members on private property
  • All churches and hospitals
  • Any development or use on a utility lot involving a building
  • Any enlargement, reduction or reconfiguration of a parking lot 
  • Any change or enlargement of a use, or enlargement of a building or structure for which a site plan is required:
    • That requires 5 or more additional parking spaces, or
    • When a site plan is not currently on file in the office of Community Development 
  • Wind energy systems
  • Wireless telecommunication facilities
  • Any new structure permitted by Special Use Permit or where required by the board of zoning appeals

What is Required on the Site Plan:
The site plan, drawn to scale, must be submitted to the Community Development Department. The scale shall be one inch equals a stated number of feet (in multiples of 10). The site plan must contain or be accompanied by the following:

  • Site name, north arrow, date and revision dates and tax map and parcel number
  • A narrative of the proposed development or use of the property and description of buildings and other structures to be erected or modified
  • A boundary survey of the tract or lot, area of the lot, and the distances between all property lines and street right-of-way lines of each proposed building, manufactured home or other structure or addition thereto
  • The boundaries of any Overlay District on the property, including any sub-designations within such overlay district
  • The boundaries of any dam break inundation zone required by §10.1-606.2 of the Code of Virginia
  • Source of title of the owner and the place of record of the last instrument in the chain of title
  • Location of any grave or structure marking a place of burial or a note indicating that none were located
  • Names of owners and current zoning of all adjoining property including across any public or private street or alley
  • Location of all buildings, structures, boundary lines and other features and distances to all property lines. Distances over 500 feet may be estimated
  • Location and dimensions, including building height, in feet, and the proposed general use and capacity of each building
  • Type of surfacing, size, design and dimension of all off-street parking with spaces labeled as either existing or proposed
  • Location, design and dimensions of all vehicular entrances and exits to the site with entrances and exits labeled as either existing or proposed
  • Street layout which provides adequate access to adjacent property pursuant to Chapter 21-9.1. “Streets and Street Connections” where applicable
  • Parking space calculations provided in a separate table
  • Any information necessary to show compliance with:
    • Off-Street Parking
    • Outdoor Lighting
    • Erosion and Sediment Control
    • Regulation of Stormwater
    • §24-2, Fire Flow
    • Requirements of subsection (A-H) of § 25-310 regarding adult businesses
  • Location and dimensions of existing and proposed easements
  • Location, layout, dimensions, and calculations of all required buffers, landscaping areas, fences and walls, in a separate table, including where applicable, the distances to established uses
  • Any rezoning proffers, Special Use Permit conditions such as operating or pre-conditions shall be noted on the plan
  • A completed TIA Worksheet
  • Any other information required by the reviewing agencies listed below

 Who Reviews the Site Plans:
The Community Development Department routes the plans to all departments and coordinates their comments. The following agencies and departments review all applicable site plans:

  • Augusta County Service Authority
  • Virginia Department of Health
  • Virginia Department of Transportation
  • Augusta County Fire Chief 
  • Augusta County Building Official
  • Augusta County Engineer
  • Augusta County Zoning Administrator
  • Any other officials or agencies as may be deemed appropriate

How to Submit a Site Plan:
Eight copies of each site plan along with applicable fees and checklists for each reviewing agency shall be provided upon first submittal, and any re-submittal after that, to the Director of the Community Development Department.

How Long Does it Take:
The time frame for approval of a site plan varies, depending on the amount and type of comments received from reviewing agencies.  Reviewing agencies are given 10 business days for review and comment of an acceptable site plan.  An acceptable site plan means that all required information and checklists are included and all fees have been paid.    An application for approval of a site plan shall become void and cancelled in the event the applicant fails to diligently pursue correction of any deficiencies noted within 90 days.  Contact the Community Development Department for information regarding required fees and checklists. 

A flow chart outlining the review and approval of site plans can be found here.

Following the Site Plan:
Once approved, the site plan must be followed. If changes are necessary, the site plan must be amended, prior to the changes being made.