Emergency Notification System

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 The Augusta County Emergency Communications Center is able to utilize an Emergency Notification System to enhance communications in the community and keep local citizens informed in the event of an emergency or disaster.

The Emergency Notification System is a computerized software program that can be used to notify residences and businesses within Augusta County by telephone with both emergency alerts and non-emergency information. A telecommunicator can record a message regarding a situation and send the message out accordingly within a certain geographical area(s). The system will dial the telephone numbers of the selected locations and send a pre-recorded message. When a person answers the phone, they will hear a pre-recorded message involving the emergency. The message may contain special instructions to be followed by citizens in the area, so it is important to listen before hanging up. Some examples of emergencies or disasters during which the system may be used are flooding, events involving hazardous materials, missing children, and law enforcement events such as robberies or hostage situations.

The telephone numbers used the in the system’s database are maintained by Verizon Wireline Telephone Company. If you utilize a cellular phone as your home telephone number or main contact number, your telephone number will not be in the database utilized by the Emergency Notification system. If you would like to receive the pre-recorded messages on your cellular phone when emergencies occur in your residential or business area, please go to here and fill out all required information.