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Augusta County Emergency Services Officers Association

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Augusta County Emergency Services Officers Association

The membership of the Augusta County Emergency Services Officers Association shall be comprised of the Fire Chiefs of each Fire Department and the Captain of each Rescue Squad that answers emergency calls in Augusta County; The Augusta County Sheriff; Director, Augusta County Emergency Communications Center (AECC); and Director, Central Shenandoah Emergency Medical Services Council (CSEMSC). These organizations may be represented by a delegate in absence of the Fire Chief, Rescue Chief/Captain, Sheriff, Director of EOC and Director of CSEMSC with their voting power.

Each organization shall have one vote in all business matters. Where Fire and Rescue Companies are combined, each shall have one vote.

Other members of these organizations may attend the meetings with the designated representative, but have no vote.

The chair shall have a vote in all business matters.

The membership is made up of 24 fire companies, 14 rescue squads plus, AEOC, ACSD, CSEMSC and the President/Chair = a total of 42 members with votes.

The ACESOA meet the fourth Tuesday of each month at the Augusta County Government Center in Verona, Virginia.



Augusta County Policies:

ACFR Complaint Policy                                    ACFR Fillable Complaint Form
Volunteer Membership Packet                        Volunteer Form (Page 1) Fillable

     Regional Emergency Evacuation Policy
     Regional Mayday Policy
     Regional Priority Traffic Policy
     Regional Rapid Intervention Crew

The SOG's were originally adopted in September 1999, the following SOG's were updated in August 2008, so the date of each SOG represents that August date, due to the fact that in August all of the guidelines were updated to a new format.  If you have any questions please call the Fire-Rescue office at (540) 245-5624 or email Minday Craun


Section 1:  Bylaws

        Bylaws                                                                                           Revised April 24, 2012

Section 2:  General

        Accidental & Health
        Administrative Personnel
        Aero-Medical Transport
        Backing Fire Apparatus
        Carbon Monoxide Alarm                                                             New SOG - March 2013
        Criminal History                                                                          New SOG - July 2009
        Critical Incident Stress Debriefing
        Computer Usage Policy                                                              New SOG - July 2009
        Driver Responsibilities
        Emergency Personnel Evacuation
        Emergency Incident Rehab
        Incapacitated Fire Rescue Apparatus                                       New SOG - March 25, 2014
        Infectious Control
        Rehab Bus Response                                                               New SOG - January 2009
        Search & Rescue
        Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus
        School Bus Collisions                                                               New SOG - April 2009
        Silent Approach                                                                        New SOG - March 2013
        SOG Committee                                                                       New SOG - March 25, 2014
        Training Online Registration                                                    New SOG - March 2013
        Training Registration Procedures                                            New SOG - February 2016
        Vehicle Accidents

Section 3: Communications (See 2013 Guidelines at bottom of this Section)

        Emergency Radio Traffic                                                            New SOG - March 2013
        Firebox Rescue Response & Boundary Change
        First Responder Call Types                                                        Revised - November 25, 2013
        First Response Guidelines                                                         New SOG - March 22, 2011
        Incident - Run Numbers
        Incident Paging
        Response Plan for Buses - Traffic Crash/Emergencies      New SOG - May 2009
        Retoning a Dispatched Fire-Rescue Agency                           New SOG - Nov. 22, 2011
        Single Fire-Rescue Agency Response                                    New SOG - May 24, 2011
        Special Toning Request                                                             New SOG - May 2009
        Staffed Transport Units                                                               New SOG - October 22, 2013
        EMS Staffing Availability Form
Section 3: Communications 2013 Guidelines

        ACFR Duty Officer Notification Guide 2013
        Acknowledging Emergency Service Personnel Main REV 2013
        ACSA Water Flow Pressure Rev 2013
        Addressing Radio Traffic REV 2013
        Administrative Personnel REV 2013
        Advance Life Support Requests 2013
        Aeromedical Transportation Request REV 2013
        Alarm Activations with No Emergencies REV 2013
        Apparatus (Additions, Deletions & Changes ) REV 2013
        Augusta County ECC REV 2013
        Authority of Actions and Duties 2013
        Available - In Service 2013
        Busy Signal REV 2013
        Call History and Special Alerts 2013
        Cancellation REV 2013
        Chain of Command 2013
        Communications - Commonwealth Standard Transmissions 2013
        Digital Logger Rev 2013
        Dispatch of Closest Available Unit REV 2013
        Dispatch Procedure Revised 2013
        Dispatching First Responders REV 2013
        Emergency Communications Signals REV 2013
        ERTS REV 2013
        Evidence Bags Rev 2013
        Federal Communications Commission Rev 2013
        Fire Investigator 2013
        Fire Rescue Agencies with One Fire Rescue Unit 2013
        Fire-EMS Involving Law Enforcement 2013
        First Responder Call Types 2013
        Grievance - Complaints 2013
        Incident Documentation and times 2013
        Infectious Control Notification 2013
        Knox Box Revised 2013
        Landing Zones 2013
        Line Officers & Administrative Officers 2013
        Mayday Signal 2013
        Medical Channels to Augusta Health 2013
        Mutual Aid - Guidelines 2013
        Notifications Requests 2013
        Paging via Radio Emergency Service Personnel REV 2013
        Pre-Alert 2013
        Radio Equipment 2013
        RASAR - Rescue 22 REV 2013
        Rehab 1 2013
        Rescue Response to Fire Events 2013
        Responding (ACESOA) REV 2013
        Response Assignments REV 2013
        Response Check & Time Limit REV 2013
        Response Recommendation and Level of Response 2013
        Rip and Tear Reports REV 2013
        Rules of Radio Communications 2013
        SOGs 2013
        Special Request - Operational - Communications REV 2013
        Staging 2013
        Status Check REV 2013
        Weekly Fire-Rescue Paging Test REV 2013
        Working Incident REV 2013    

Section 4: Fire Operational Information

        Accountability System                                                                 Updated May 2013
        Burning Exercises                                                                       Updated February 2016
        Fire Department Color Codes                                                     Updated November 23, 2010
        Fire Chief & Assistant Chief Requirements                                Updated January 26, 2010
        Fire Department Operations                                                       Updated September 24, 2013
        Fire Ground Command                                                               DELETED September 24, 2013
        Fire Hydrants                                                                              Updated September 24, 2013
        Fire Reports
        Helmet Colors                                                                             Updated September 24, 2013
        Jr. Fire Fighter Program                                                              Updated September 24, 2013
        Jr. Fire Fighter Policy                                                                  NEW September 24, 2013
        Open Burning                                                                              Updated September 24, 2013
        Personal Alarms                                                                          DELETED September 24, 2013
        PPE                                                                                             Updated September 24, 2013
        Pump & Hose Testing                                                                 Updated September 24, 2013
        Response to Accidents                                                               Updated September 24, 2013
        RIT                                                                                              Updated September 24, 2013
        Structure Fires                                                                            DELETED September 24, 2013
        Suspicious Fires                                                                         Updated September 24, 2013
        Tanker Strike Team                                                                    Updated October 25, 2011
        Training New Members                                                              Updated September 24, 2013 
        Two In Two Out                                                                          Updated September 24, 2013

 Section 5:  Rescue Operational Information

        Jr. Rescue Squad Program
        Rescue Captain/Chief Standards                                             Updated January 26, 2010
        Rescue Operations
        Rescue Response to Fires
        Rescue Response to Vehicle Crashes

 Section 6: First Response

        First Response Program

 Section 7:  Hazardous Materials

        Citizens Protection
        Hazardous Materials
        Hazardous Materials Control

 Section 8:  Law Enforcement

        Bomb Threats
        Search and Rescue
        Tact Team 

Section 9:  Airport Operations

        Aircraft Incidents Off Airport Property
        Airport Alerts & Response
        Waynesboro Airport Incidents
        Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport Response Plan

Section 10:  Appendix

        Fire Box Change Request Form
        Rescue Box Change Request Form
        Burning Guidelines
        House Burn Release Forms
        Accountability Pictures
        Infectious Control Forms
        Emergency Driving - Virginia State Law
        Insurance Information
        MCI Plan
        Spill Notification Form                                                              (Revised December 2008)
        New Member Orientation Spreadsheet                                NEW September 24, 2013


Radio System Analysis - By Agency  (Click on your agency, passwords generated by Augusta County Fire-Rescue)  If you do not know your password, email Minday Craun.

The FCC has mandated by January 2013 radio systems will have to be converted to narrowband operations.   To achieve the mandate, the FCC will stop approving wide band (25KHz) analog radios. This is something the County will need to plan for and manage in the coming years. The Radio System Analysis lists shows what equipment is narrowband or able to convert to narrowband or be replaced.

        Deerfield Volunteer Fire & Rescue
        Middlebrook Volunteer Fire Company
        Churchville Volunteer Fire & Rescue
        Weyers Cave Volunteer Fire Company
        Verona Volunteer Fire Company
        Stuarts Draft Volunteer Fire Company
        Craigsville Volunteer Fire Department
        Dooms Volunteer Fire Company
        Augusta County Fire-Rescue
        Augusta County Volunteer Fire Department
        Preston L. Yancey Volunteer Fire Company
        Swoope Volunteer Fire Company
        New Hope Volunteer Fire & Rescue
        Wilson Volunteer Fire Company
        Grottoes Volunteer Fire Company
        Mt. Solon Volunteer Fire Company
        Staunton Fire Department
        Waynesboro Fire Department
        Staunton-Augusta Rescue Squad
        Stuarts Draft Rescue Squad
        Bridgewater Rescue Squad
        Craigsville-Augusta Springs Rescue Squad
        Mt. Solon Rescue Squad

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