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 The Purpose of the IT Department is to quickly respond to business needs while maintaining relatively low costs.  Almost every key business function in the county requires direct or indirect computer support.  Today's technology solutions must fully meet business requirements such as: 

  • Aligning Technology and County goals
  • Organizing and using data
  • Instituting cross-functional information systems
  • Integrating systems
  • Capitalizing on advances in Information Technology
  • Connecting to customers or suppliers
  • Updating obsolete systems
  • Creating an information architecture

Information Technology (IT) has combined functions with the Geographic Information Systems (GIS).  Both groups are intrinsically part of the broader county objective to maximize technical capabilities.  And, both groups share a strong commitment to customer service. The IT mission is to plan for and promote the efficient use of information technology, provide for enterprise-wide information processing services for the county of Augusta, and to deliver quality service to all of our customers.  To fulfill this mission, we have the following high level goals: 

  • to establish a vision and a plan for the optimum use of information technology within the county
  • to provide for responsive, high quality and cost effective computing services
  • to promote our customer's efficient and effective use of information technology by ensuring proper implementation and maintenance of computing systems that are responsive, high quality, and cost effective, whether departmental or county-wide systems
  • to assist in planning and managing county-wide information technology installation
  • to manage and maintain full connectivity among county systems