Litter Control Program

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The Augusta County Litter Control Program serves the citizens of Augusta County by picking up roadside litter.  A vital part of this mission is fulfilled by members of the public.  We need you, the citizens of Augusta County, to report litter that you see across the county.  Help us Keep Augusta Beautiful.20181012_124826



To report roadside litter on state-maintained roads or public property, please call our Litter Control Hotline at 540-254-7826.  You can also report litter on our facebook page, or by email. We will respond promptly to your report, and follow up with you once the job is complete.




The litter control program is a community service program run directly out of the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office.  Unlike established community service programs, this program does not just work with court ordered comm20190216_135021unity service workers.  In a first-in-Virginia effort, the litter control program gives non-violent, first-time offenders a chance to perform community service before they have been arrested.  If these first-time offenders complete their community service, they will not be arrested or charged.

This one-time offer gives these offenders a chance to correct their mistake while performing a vital community service. It also saves time and money for law enforcement and the courts. It is available only for offenders with no prior criminal history, who have not been in the program before, and who have committed the following crimes:

  • Possession of marijuana

  • Underage possession of alcohol

  • Driving on a suspended license

  • Littering

This program represent a significant cost savings to the citizens because all labor performed is free.  It benefits the citizens in a number of ways: it cleans up the county, it increases public awareness of the ongoing litter issue, and it provides the opportunity for the workers to give back to the community in which they have committed their offense.

From the program's inception in March 2018 to the end of the year, the litter control program has removed over 12,400 pounds of trash, 71 tires, and covered just over 90 miles of the county's roads.

As of today’s date, the program for 2019 has already exceeded year 2018 in nearly every metric. In 2019, the program has removed over 17,000 pounds of trash, 218 tires over 58 miles of the county’s roads

Pictures of all cleanups are available on the facebook page



Ongoing Efforts

The litter control program continues to take a multi-pronged approach to the problem of litter in Augusta County.  These include:

  • The creation of anti-littering education and community events

  • The coordination of anti-littering enforcement

  • Placing anti-littering signs throughout the county.





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Get Involved 

You are encouraged to engage with this program and help your community Keep Augusta Beautiful. You can help in the following ways:

  • Report trash through the hotline or internet

  • Volunteer to pick up trash either with a community organization or directly with the Litter Control Program

  • “Sponsor a Sign:” pledge $120 to sponsor a new sign in a location of your choice.

  • Give directly: you may donate directly to the program




 The Statistics


The following map shows 2018 and 2019 program data. Each marker represents the places where the program has collected litter. The colors indicate the two different years: Red for 2018, Purple for 2019. When you click on the markers, information regarding that specific location's data will appear.