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Departmental Awards

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In the Spring of 2008, the Augusta County Sheriff's Office implemented a new Departmental Awards Program to recognize the achievements of Sheriff's Office members. 


Members of the Sheriff's Office gathered on February 18, 2019 for an awards luncheon at the Verona Fire House. The following awards were presented by staff and Sheriff Smith for actions in 2018:


Deputy of the Year: 

Corporal Matthew Vincent

The Sheriff's Medal (Lifesaving)

Sergeant Steven Cason (2nd Award)

Corporal Joshua Strickler

Deputy Jason Falls

Deputy James Nystrom

Deputy Chad Marshall

Deputy Trevor Foote

1SG Douglas Cole

Deputy Trevor Foote (2nd Award)

Cpl. Matthew Vincent (3rd Award)


The Sheriff's Commendation Ribbon:

Corporal Matthew Vincent

Deputy Taber Burgdorf

Corporal Ryan Chandler

Deputy Dennis Reynolds

Sergeant Matt Carter (2nd Award)

Deputy Nicholas Roe

Deputy Noel McManaway


Supervisor's Commendation Ribbon

Sergeant Steven Cason (2nd Award)

Investigator David Browning (2nd Award)

Sergeant James Snyder (2nd Award)

Deputy Sal Coppola (2nd Award)

Deputy Robert Hildebrand

Office Manager Jennifer McNeal (2nd Award)

Dispatcher Kayla Sholes

Dispatcher RJ Sexton

Deputy Leslie Snyder (2nd Award)

Deputy Trevor Rexrode

Cpl. Matthew Vincent

Deputy Shamica Spears

Deputy Paul Bird

Deputy Taber Burgdorf

Deputy Jason Falls (2nd Award)

Deputy James Nystrom

1SG Eddie Carter

Sergeant Erik Hammersberg (3rd Award)

Sergeant Aaron Will

Deputy Caleb Hartman




2016 Deputy of the Year, James Lotts (center) pictured with Sheriff Smith and 2015 Deputy of the Year, Cpl. Josh Graves


Members of the Sheriff's Office gathered on February 20, 2017 for an awards luncheon.  The following awards were presented:

Deputy of the year:  James Lotts

The Sheriff's Lifesaving Medal:  Inv(s) Conner Tobin, Steve Cason and William Russell, Deputies Kenneth Randozzo, Matthew Vincent, Janell Hammersberg, Dennis Reynolds, Salvatore "Sal" Copolla, and Christopher Rosemeier (x2)

The Sheriff's Commendation: Inv. Steven Cason, Sgt(s). Michael Roane and James Snyder, and Lt(s). Brian Jenkins and Aaron LeVeck

The Sheriff's Unit Commendation: The Narcotics Division

Supervisor's Commendation:  Inv. Charles "CJ" Taylor, Deputies Janell Hammersberg and William Mikolay