Civil Process Division

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The Civil Division of the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office consists of an office administrator and four full-time process servers who are responsible for the service of over 25,000 civil processes annually. The office administrator is responsible for the computer entry of each process, working directly with the various courts and attorneys on problem situations, and assisting the public with any civil questions they may have.

Civil process consists of witness subpoenas, warrants in debt, juvenile summonses and petitions, garnishments, show cause orders, writs of possession, and evictions. Though there are other types of civil papers, these are the primary ones served on a daily basis. The process server must have a working knowledge of all the various types of civil process and the proper execution of same. He must serve his papers promptly and make returns on each paper showing the date and manner of service and the name of the person served.

Generally civil processes can be served in one of three ways: personal service, left with a member of the family over the age of 16, or posted at the door. A majority of civil processes can be posted but orders, out-of-state papers, juvenile petitions and the garnishee’s copy of a garnishment summons require personal service.

The cost for service of civil process is $12.00 per paper/defendant for those initiated within the State and $75.00 for service of out-of-state papers. Any questions can be directed to the Civil Division at (540) 245-5205, ext. 303. The office hours are Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.