Firearms Division

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The Augusta County Sheriff’s Office Firearms Division is responsible for the training and qualification of all Department members with their issue weapons. The Firearms Division also assists the SWAT Team with qualification in special weapons.

Investigator Steven Cason is the Lead Firearms Instructor and he oversees purchasing and budget for the entire firearms program and he serves on the Board of the Staunton, Augusta, and Waynesboro (SAW) Range. This state of the art training facility was opened in 2006 and it serves all three jurisdictions.

Current duty weapons for the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office are the Glock 17/19, 9mm caliber pistols, which are fitted with a tactical light. Deputies are also issued Remington 870 Police 12 gauge shotguns and Colt M-4 or Commando 5.56mm patrol rifles.

All Department members are also equipped with X-26 Tasers. The lead instructor for our Taser Program is Deputy Josh Strickler and officers recertify on Tasers yearly.

The Firearms Division is currently implementing less lethal conversions for several shotguns, converting them into bean bag guns. The Division also places a high emphasis on the use of simunitions weapons for realistic tactical training of all Department Members.

ACSO Weapons

ACSO Weapons