Frequently Asked Questions

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Proper Disposal of Latex Paint


Latex or water-based paints are not accepted during hazardous waste collections. The recycling process used for solvent-based paints (which are accepted) is not appropriate for latex paints. Latex paints may be disposed of through normal household waste disposal when dried to a solid state. Latex paint is not hazardous.


For cans holding only small amounts of paint, simply remove the lid and allow the paint to dry to a solid.


For cans with greater amounts of paint, the drying process can be accelerated by adding an absorbent material. Sta-Dry floor absorbent or kitty litter work well. Saw dust may be used, but is not as absorbent. Simply mix the absorbent material with the paint and allow the open can to dry to a solid.


Once in a solid state, latex paints may be safely disposed of along with your regular household waste.


Computer and Small Electronics Recycling

Goodwill Industries will accept computers, computer equipment, small printers, fax machines, phones, smoke detectors, etc. Goodwill is located at 1104 Greenville Ave., Staunton (886-8910) or 132 Lucy Lane, Waynesboro (941-8526).


CFL’s and Fluorescent Tube Disposal/Recycling

Households may dispose CFL’s and fluorescent tubes with general trash. Augusta County will accept these items from residents only at the annual household hazardous waste collection event in the fall of the year.


Plastic Grocery Bags

Many area retailers collect and recycle plastic grocery bags. Many of these bags are tuned into boards that are used in the construction and landscaping industry.