Hazardous Materials

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Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events

2020 Hazardous Waste Collection Day is Saturday, September 19, at the Government Center. 

Augusta County hosts this event every fall. Residents may bring used oil, antifreeze, gas, solvents, oil based paint, acids, pesticides and herbicides to the event for proper disposal or recycling. Events are posted on the website with the location and a list of items that will be accepted.  All Staunton, Waynesboro and County residents may participate in these events.

The landfill will accept used oil, antifreeze and lead acid batteries any time of year. No other hazardous or medical wastes are accepted.

The following products will be accepted on Household Hazardous Waste Days: 

 Gasoline  Diesel Fuel  Antifreeze
 Kerosene  #2 Fuel Oil  2 Cycle Fuel Mix
 Oil-based Paints & Stains  Polyurethane   Solvents  CFL & Fluorescent Bulbs
 Rechargeable Batteries  Automobile Batteries  Used Motor Oil
 Mercury Devices  Pesticides, Herbicides  Computers
 Small Electronics    

 The following products WILL NOT be accepted:

 Hazardous materials from businesses [This event is for households only, per EPA and DEQ regulations.]
 Unknown or unlabeled containers 
 Propane tanks; large electronics; televisions; water-based paint; household batteries; vehicle tires
 Latex or water-based paints may be disposed of through normal household waster disposal when dried to a solid state. Latex paint is not hazardous.