Medication Disposal

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How to dispose of home pharmaceuticals

From Virginia Department of Environmental Quality ( here is a printable version of the information below)

Step 1: Remove the medications from the pill bottle and put them in a container with a lid or into a sealable baggie. Try not to handle the medications. If the medication is solid, crush it or add water to dissolve it.

Step 2: Mix in something to make medications “undesirable” (kitty litter, coffee grounds) to pets and children. As an added safety precaution, place the baggie in another sealable container.

Step 3: Throw in trash.

Step 4: Remove or cover identifying info on pill bottle before discarding. 

REMEMBER:  Do not dispose of medications in the sink or toilet!

The Augusta County Sheriff's Office accepts pills at their office in Verona. No liquids or sharps / syringes may be dropped off.

Medications may also be disposed of through a national drug take back program that is sponsored by various organizations. For additional options, visit