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Recycling Mini-Grant Application for Schools

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Recycling Mini-Grants Augusta County Public Schools

Proposal:  The Augusta County Recycling Committee desires to provide funds to Augusta County public schools to support recycling efforts through student focused activities and events.  County funds are being used to establish the grants.   Multiple grants may be awarded. Grants will not exceed $500.

Criteria:  To be considered, the public school must propose a project or effort that supports recycling, or be an enhancement to an existing program, or provide student education opportunities. 

Funds are intended to support paper, cardboard, aluminum cans, soup cans and/or glass recycling.  The project or effort must include the following: 

  • Description of the proposed project effort, or educational opportunity, and how the funds will be used. 
  • A planned timeline. 
  • Who will be involved?I.e. students, clubs, faculty. 
  • How will student education be achieved? 
  • How will students be involved? 
  • If a recycling program is proposed, can the program continue in future years, and how?

Application Submittal: A summary addressing the criteria above, requested funding and costs associated with each item is required, along with a Progress Report if the applicant receives funding. 

Selection: The Augusta County Recycling Committee will review the applications and award funds per the ability to provide recycling and education to students in Augusta County public schools. 

Award: The Augusta County Recycling Committee will review all submitted applications based on the criteria above.

Deadline: Application must be received by 5:00 PM, November 1, 2020.  Please submit to:           

Morgan Shrewsbury  | Recycling Committee Liaison  |  County of Augusta, P.O. Box 590, Verona, VA  24482

Should you have questions, please contact Morgan Shrewsbury at 540-245-5700.

Follow-up:  Grant recipients must submit a Progress Report for the Committee that details their efforts and fund allocations no latter then March 15. Pictures are greatly appreciated.  Grant recipients may also be asked to prepare and present a project report detailing their efforts and the outcome to the Augusta County Recycling Committee and/or School Board. 

What is your name?
What school do you attend?
Description of the proposed project:
How will the funds be used?
What is your timeline?

Who will be involved (i.e. students, clubs, faculty)?


How will students be involved and student education be achieved?


If a recycling program is proposed, can the program continue in future years, and how?

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