What and How to Recycle

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Due to changes in recycling markets:

Plastics will no longer be recycled at the Landfill.

We will continue to collect glass at the collection sites and it will be beneficially utilized as an intermediate cover for the Landfill.

Augusta County accepts the following categories of recyclables at convenience centers and the landfill recycling public use site:

Aluminum Cans should be drained.

Metal Cans should be empty and clean.

Mixed Paper includes white office paper, colored paper, folders, envelopes (no clasps or metal), newspapers, cereal boxes, phone books, junk mail, ads, and slick paper.  Paper shall contain no food or oil residues.

Cardboard is corrugated material.  The wavy line between the top and bottom sheets should be visible.

 Glass should be emptied and rinsed.

This document includes information on what can be placed and what can not be placed in the recycling containers at the recycling centers and landfill.