What and How to Recycle

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Aluminum cans, tin cans, mixed glass, cardboard and mixed paper are accepted at all convenience centers and the landfill. 

Plastic Recycling: Augusta County currently accepts plastics number 1 – 7 at the Public Use Site of the Augusta County Regional Landfill. Plastics are not accepted at satellite landfill locations. The County has not embarked on this program due to expense. There is no value in plastics, tremendous volume and no weight. The County hauls recyclables to a local recycler. There are significant transportation expenses. However, the County continues to look for ways to recycle plastic at satellite locations. In the meantime, please take plastics to the Augusta Regional Landfill or one of the areas private recyclers.

This document includes information on what can be placed and what can not be placed in the recycling containers at the recycling centers and landfill.