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State and Estimated Taxes

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  • The Treasurer's Office accepts payments for state income taxes that are made subsequent to filing. Payments made at the time of filing may be submitted to the Commissioner of Revenue's Office attached to the tax return. The deadline for filing and payment of state income taxes is May 1st
  • Taxes that remain unpaid after the deadline of May 1st are subject to a 6% penalty to be applied each month or part month up to 30% on the unpaid balance, plus any accrued interest. Penalty and interest rates are established by the VA Dept. of Taxation.
  • Income taxes for the current year that remain uncollected as of December 31st are turned over to the state and further collections actions are taken by the state.


Estimated Income Taxes

  • The Treasurer's Office also accepts payments for estimated income taxes subsequent to the initial estimated payment. The initial estimated payment made with the first voucher should be submitted to the Commissioner of Revenue's Office.