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Absentee Voting

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 Registered voters who will be away from Augusta County on Election Day, or who are unable to go the polls because of illness or disability, may vote by absentee ballot. Eligible citizens may vote in-person prior to Election Day, or apply to have an absentee ballot mailed to them.

How to vote Absentee?

To Vote by Absentee Ballot, Follow These Steps:

1. Make sure you are eligible to receive an absentee ballot verifying you fall among one of the acceptable reasons below.
2. Decide whether you want to vote absentee by mail or in person by examining facts such as your ability to get to the Voter Registration Office and the proximity of Election Day. We generally recommend that anyone wishing to vote absentee within 10 days of the election vote absentee in person if at all possible.
3. Download the Absentee Ballot Application  and complete ALL fields, including the applicable reason, whether or not you need assistance casting your ballot, and all requested personal information. The applications are also available in the Voter Registration Office.
4. Return the application to the Office of Voter Registration. If you are voting absentee by mail, the application must be received in our office NO LATER than 5:00PM on the Tuesday the week before the election. If you are voting absentee in person, you must do so NO LATER than 5:00PM on the Saturday before the election in the Office of Voter Registration.

The Following Steps Apply to Absentee Voting By Mail Only:

1. Look for your Absentee Ballot in the mail within a week of submitting your absentee application to our office. Please contact the Voter Registration Office at (540) 245-5656 if you do not receive your ballot.
2. Once you receive your ballot mark the ballot using the Ballot Guide that is included in your ballot packet, place the ballot in Envelope “B” and seal the envelope. Be sure to completely fill out Envelope “B”, sign the envelope, and make sure that your signature s witnessed and the witness also signs.
3. Once your ballot has been sealed, and Envelope B has been signed and witnessed, place Envelope B in the return envelope provided and mail it to the Augusta County Electoral Board. Our office must receive your ballot NO LATER than 7:00PM on Election Day for it to be counted in the election. 

Absentee Voting for Military Personnel, their Families and Other Overseas Voters

An eligible U.S. citizen, my register to vote and request an absentee ballot on the same Federal Post Card Application. You are entitled to complete a Federal Post Card Application if, by reason of active duty or employment, you are normally absent from the city or county in which you reside under the following conditions:

  • Any member of a uniformed service of the United States, as defined in 42 U.S.C. 1973ff-6(7), who is active duty
  • Any member of the merchant marine of the United States
  • Any person who resides temporarily outside of the United States by virtue of employment
  • Any spouse or dependent residing with a person who may register under any on of the preceding three conditions
  • Overseas citizen (federal elections only)